North Coast Natural Therapies
Allan Wilton
Cell Food
is a cell-oxygenating,ionic formula containing dissolved oxygen, 78 ionic trace minerals , 34 enzymes,17 amio acids and electrolytes.Its made from only the fimest all natural, plant based sources and is rapidly absorbed and utilised by every cell in the human body.

Hypercal Cream
A scarless wound healing cream with the antiseptic qualities of Calendula and the healing powers of St John's Wort.
Hypercal has proven to be effective on a wide range of skin problems from cuts and grazes to eczema and acne.
Made with sun infused Calendula oil and sun infused St John's Wort oil (both infusions in extra virgin olive oil) using organically grown Calendula and wild crafted St John's Wort

Hypericum oil
Pure sun infused St John's Wort oil.
The ultimate healing oil for cuts. Can be applied directly to broken skin for rapid healing. Can assist with nerve repair and the healing of tendon damage.

Himalayan salt
Otherwise known as pink gold this is pure crystal salt mined in Pakistan. It contains 84 trace elements in a form identical to those found in a healthy body. Himalayan salt is over 250 million years old. It is the purest salt available and is free of any toxins or pollutants

Calendula oil
Pure sun infused Calendula oil
The ultimate healing oil for chapped and abraded skin. Effective for rashes and most skin irritation

$7.00 per kilo
$10.00 100 ml
$10.00 100 ml
$40.00 50 ml