What is Bowen Therapy?
Read the discription of Bowen Therapy by Robert McCuscker
What can I expect from a treatment
A treatment usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour, expect a lot of questions to start with!
Your condition will be thoroughly evaluated and the appropriate work will be done. There is no "standard" treatment; each treatment is tailored to the presenting condition.
Allan will try to get to the cause of your problem so it can be prevented from recurring in the future.
Allan is a qualified yoga teacher and has developed a deep understanding of the body and how to address physical problems.
You will be instructed in any exercises that may assist you in maintaining your health.
Allan can help with your pets!
He is a qualified small animal Bowen Therapist and has worked on animals ranging from dogs and cats to sheep and birds.
The body in balance
North Coast Natural Therapies
Allan Wilton
Bowen Therapy for people and small animals
Core strength, balance and flexibility are the keys to maintaining your body well into old age.

Many of life's aches and pains are due to low core strength and lack of flexibility. We naturally lose flexaiility and strength from the age of 25 onwards unless we do something to maintain them.
Balance has a major influence on your health. Learning how to balance your body teaches you how to overcome many physical problems.

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